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Performance Testing

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Product performance sets us apart. Unlike many cosmetics companies, we always conduct efficacy testing on our final formulations. Our premium Skin care ranges in particular, are subject to a raft of stringent clinical tests to demonstrate their effectiveness and to guarantee results. At Ori-Derm, our state-of-the-art clinical testing facility, our experienced team of scientists and experts operate a comprehensive suite of high tech instrumentation . Ori-Derm’s core capabilities lie within 2D and 3D skin imaging, Skin Biophysics, Photobiology, Competitor Benchmarking and Consumer Research.

We perform anti-ageing studies, measuring pigmentary changes, texture improvements and the biophysics of the skin and skin barrier integrity. We strive to meet the evolving needs of a diverse, global consumer base through our use of skin research data and specialist 3D imaging equipment.

Our clinical studies are in strict accordance with the internationally accepted principles of Good Clinical Practice that ensure the safety, rights and wellbeing of all panellists, as well as robust and credible study results. An Ethics Committee approves our test protocols and ensures clinical tests are conducted in a safe, ethical and responsible manner, whilst protecting the interests of each panellist.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and that with scientific support, it creates the most effective results. Whatever your skin type and age are, our huge range of the latest skin care ingredients are tailored just for you.

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